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Interior Plantscaping

Looking to breathe new life into your space?

With our experience and established industry links we can help you plantscape your home or office in manner that will invigorate and energise.

All plantscaping clients receive a plant care package tailored to the space and plants; as well as the option to engage us for ongoing plant care if required.

Get in touch to organise a site visit.

Indoor plant maintenance & holiday care

Going away?

Concerned about leaving your plants in the care of brown-thumbed-friends?

Wish your plant-fam could enjoy some pampering whilst you are away? They can!

We offer tailored indoor plant maintenance and plant sitting plans that will ensure that your plants are well cared for and continue to flourish.

Get in touch to arrange a site visit - where we can assess your care and time requirements, and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

All plant care plans include regular inspection, watering, feeding, and pest control as required.